Sunday, November 2, 2008

Going Commercial

And the winners are:
Bill - Ashtun Kutcher (33%)
Victoria - Cameron Diaz (53%)
Thank you for voting!



Wearing a Green Bay Packers' jersey and a pair of jeans while watching television, a Packers' FAN anticipates the football game, swigging a bottle of Milwaukee's Best Light Beer.

Victoria! The game's about to start!

Just as his WIFE enters the living room, a commercial flashes on the television.

INSERT COMMERCIAL IN QUOTES: "Rembrandt, for a smile you can count on."

Without hesitation, Victoria rushes into the bathroom and brushes her teeth. Bill smiles.

"If it isn't Orville Redenbacher, it isn't popcorn."

She dashes into the kitchen in search of the popcorn maker, fills it to the brim with kernels, then plugs it in.

"Escape the smell of odor with Hefty's scented garbage bags."

At commercial speed, she discards the half-empty kitchen trash and replaces it with a fresh Hefty bag. Bill shakes his head.

The popcorn begins to pop.

"Bounty, the quicker, picker upper."

On cue, Victoria yanks a sheet of Bounty and cleans the kitchen sink.

"Kenmore, life running beautifully."

Just in time, she pulls out the vacuum cleaner as the popcorn maker's lid explodes off; popping corn pinging throughout the kitchen, covering the floor. But she abandons the kitchen to vacuum around Bill's feet. He looks up at her with a forced smile.

"Victoria's Secret Lingerie's sale starts tomorrow."

Bill runs his hand through his hair, as she disappears. He then swigs his beer, and relaxes. Minutes later, Victoria reappears wearing a black negligee. Seating her on his lap,

Honey, it's not going to work this time.


Bill shakes his head gently; Victoria sighing.

"Men should act like men, and light beer should taste like beer. Milwaukee's Best Light Beer."

Bill blinks at the bottle of Milwaukee Best Light Beer in his hand. Grabbing Victoria,

Here's Johnny!


**written by petra michelle**


Anonymous said...

Wow! The power of suggestion! It appears that no one is immune. Neat scene.

Jay said...

Hahaha!! Victoria is the opposite of me - I am so resistant to advertising it's not true! LOL!

It has to be John Cusack (just because he'd look so good in jeans and football jersey - or pretty much anything ...) and Cameron Diaz. They work so well together!

Being John Malkovich. GREAT movie!!

Mama Zen said...

That is so funny!

Tammy said...

Where do you come up with these? They're great!

Poetikat said...


Pop by Blasts From the Past, where you'll find I've made you the recipient of an award. (Sorry, it's not an Oscar!)


Joyce Ellen Davis said...

Hey hey! I just ordered Joanne SHenandoah's Peacemaker's Journey. I am looking forward to hearing it!

PV said...


Borut said...

What else to say: The home-made souls of Las Vegas!?:)

Beatrice V said...

Lol, funny, I do not watch TV but can clearly imagine the scenario:)

i beati said...

Clever - amazed at last week's winners especially Paltrow??Watched Made of Honor 6 times this sucker for romances

i beati said...

i saw Michelle
Monahan in this role and Mc Dreamy probably a state I'm in hahahahhahahahahhaha

tipper said...

The power advertising has over our lives is something to think about. Funny to think on the length a wife would go to keep hubby from watching football! You are so imaginative Petra!

Hello Mary Lou said...

This was really great! You are so talented.

Rowena said...

I am so glad that nowhere was mentioned the ad for "male enhancements". Otherwise.... LOL!

Great one Petra!

LarryG said...

thanks for working football into the equation...

i love it!

Come over to my blog for you award dearieO...