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And the winners are:
St. Patrick - Peter O'Toole (60%)
Milchu - Malcolm McDowell (42%)
St. Germain - Sean Connery (57%)
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IRISH MARAUDERS wreak havoc on the Kilpatrick Estate, abducting young Patrick.

I was sixteen when taken prisoner and brought
to Ireland. There, I was sold as a slave to a
chieftan named Milchu.


While tending the flocks in the valley of the Braid and on the slopes of Slemish,

For six years, I was held captive. In those
days I have said as many as a hundred prayers
and in the night, nearly the same; so that
whilst in the woods and on the mountain, even
before dawn, I was roused to prayer.

The six years of Patrick's captivity became preparation for his future apostolate.

In a dream, God admonished that I flee. I
found a ship ready to set sail. After some
rebuffs, I was allowed onboard. Though I
returned to Britain among friends, my heart
was set on devoting myself to God.


It was under ST. GERMAIN'S guidance, Patrick would be promoted to the priesthood a few years later and became engaged in missionary work.

Commissioned by the Holy See, St. Germain
proceeded to Britain to combat the erroneous
teachings of Pelagius. I was chosen to be one
of his missionaries and priveleged to have
witnessed much, including the calming of the
tempest at sea.

However, Patrick's thoughts turned towards Ireland, and from time to time he was favored with visions of the children from Focluth who cried to him, "O holy youth, come back to Erin, and walk once more amongst us."

With the blessing of Celestine, Pope of Rome,
who bestowed me with the name Patercius,
St. Germain and I set out for Ireland.


On Easter Sunday, DRUID CHIEFS and BREHONS came in full numbers to assemble at Tara in 433.

O king, live forever. This fire, which has been
lighted in defiance of the royal edict, will blaze
forever in this land unless it be this very night

By order of the king and the agency of druids, repeated attempts were made to extinguish the blessed fire and to punish with death the intruder who had disobeyed the royal command. But the fire was not extinguished and, Patrick, shielded by the Divine power.

The druids and magicians put forth all their
strength and employed all their incantations
to maintain their sway over the Irish race.
But our prayer and faith achieved a glorious
By their incantations, a cloud of darkness
spread over the hill and surrounding plain.
I defied them to remove the cloud and knelt
in prayer. The sun sent forth its rays and
the brightest sunshine lit up the hills.

It was indeed a momentous day for the Irish race. Although the king had given orders that no sign of respect was to be extended, Erc, a royal page, arose to show Patrick reverence; and at that second, when all the chieftans were assembled, the chief-bard, Dubhtach, showed Patrick the same honor.

I then plucked a shamrock from the sward
to explain by its triple leaf and single stem
the Blessed Trinity. And on that bright
Easter Day, the triumph of religion at Tara
was complete.


It is sometimes supposed that St. Patrick's apostolate in Ireland was an unbroken series of peaceful triumphs, but is quite the reverse. He was subjected to frequent trials at the hands of the druids and other enemies. No fewer than 12 times he and his companions were seized and carried off as captives, and on one occasion, his death was decreed, but was liberated by benign Providence.

St. Patrick continued until his death to visit and watch over the churches he had founded in all provinces in Ireland. He comforted the faithful in their difficulties, strengthened their faith and virtue, and appointed pastors to continue his work among them.

At Saul, St. Patrick received the summons to his reward on March 17, 493 and St. Tassach administered the last sacraments to him. His remains were wrapped in the shroud woven by St. Brigid and were interred at the chieftan's Fort two miles from Saul, where the Cathedral of Down would arise.

Information from the Catholic Encyclopedia on St. Patrick at .

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borut said...


A noble story
Whether true or fictitious
Will shed light on truth.

The teachings of Christ
Were brought to Slovenians
By an Irish monk.

A saint is a saint:
Consider yourself lucky
If you’re found by one.

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Oh Petra..........thank you so very much for this post!!
You won't believe this but I'm doing a lesson at the school where my Auntie Mom teaches emtionally disturbed children Tuesday and there are some facts in your post that I didn't know and will definately use!!
Do you mind? And do you mind if I say that you supplied these wonderful facts to me? I will if you give me permission??
It was just meant to be that you made a comment on my blog today and that I came back to yours to comment...whoa....
Please answer me on my comment box s that I don't miss your answer. I have to go back to my church for a mission meeting at 4:30.
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Rowena said...

Petra you've woven your magic again. I like how you can slip between writing styles with such ease! Thanks for the greeting card!!!

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Interesting. A voice over for St. Patrick. I wonder if that movie you've got displayed is still available to rent. Am curious to see how they did it.

LarryG said...

wonderful retelling...
I enjoyed it tremendously and would love to be cast as St Patty himself! :)

See also St. Patrick's Breastplate

tipper said...

Petra-loved it! You made the history come alive. I could just see a teacher using it to teach their students about St. Patrick. Bravo!

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you are in genius territory here. I may not be able to converse anymore with one so cerebral.. Seriously hauntingly beautiful and profound ..Sandy

i beati said...

I'm casting Sir Richard Harris whom I miss terribly or Christopher Plummer in the part

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Couldn't you find a place for Kate Winslet as St. Brigid in here somewhere?
Detectives Beyond Borders
"Because Murder Is More Fun Away From Home"

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WOW Petra! That was a really nice piece of writing.

Great Job!

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Oh! And i could totally see Colin Farrell or Jonathan Rhys Meyers playing this role.

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That was wonderful! I didn't know that much about St.Patrick. Thank you!

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Petra (My Rock!) You rock! Thanks for bringing this to life so well. (I love that Enya too - The Celts cd is amazing!)
Of course, I'm going to have to go all traditional with my cast: O'Toole naturally and let's see...


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Petra - That St. Patrick film (you've got the dvd there in the sidebar) who are in the cast?

Okay - rest of mine - Richard Harris as St. Germain and Aidan Quinn as Milchu.

How's that then?