Friday, September 5, 2008

Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner

And the winners are:
Mr. Buck - George Clooney (35%)
George - George Burns (61%)
Gracie - Gracie Allen (58%)
Thank you for voting!



A dashing MAN, cool, calm and collected, gambles and wins thousands of dollars. A crowd of SPECTATORS agape, surround him. A stunning WOMAN stands beside him, her hand resting on his shoulder.


A drink, sir?

(without looking up)
A martini...shaken, not stirred.

She nods, disappears passed the crowds. A SENIOR COUPLE appears, breaking the wall of spectators to their surprise. The DEALER and Mr. Buck remain poker-faced.

I would love that chicken dinner special, George.
Five dollars just for tonight.

And you shall have it, Gracie.

The waitress returns.

Here you are, sir. A martini...shaken, not stirred.

Mr. Buck hands her a one-hundred dollar chip.

That sounds good.
(waving to the waitress)
Can I get one of those?

The waitress nods, disappears.

Good luck, George.

Thank ya, darlin.

Place your bets.

As George places his twenty dollar chip, Mr. Buck moves towers of chips worth thousands into the betting circle.

Look, George. Aren't the colors pretty?

The crowd GIGGLES; Mr. Buck sips his martini.

The dealer deals Mr. Buck a Jack of Hearts; George, a King of Clubs; and, himself, a hole card. He then deals Mr. Buck a Ten of Diamonds; George, an Ace of Spades; and, himself, a Nine of Hearts facing up. Mr. Buck's jaw drops as he glares at George.


The dealer reveals his hole Eight of Spades.

(in unison)
21! Winner winner, chicken dinner!

As they pat George on the back, he looks perplexed.

(embracing him)
You won, George! You won!

As the dealer pushes George's winning chips towards him, Mr. Buck clutches his martini glass so tight, it breaks. He then collapses forward onto the table.

Mr. Buck?

I lost Maserati, my villa, my stocks.
Everything. Even my girl just left.
(his head buried in his hands)
What am I going to do?

Would a chicken dinner help?


**written by petra michelle**


Anonymous said...

So a chicken dinner will solve his problems?!

Rowena said...

Another fun one Petra! I thought of Jack Nicholson for Mr. Buck and Estelle Getty for Gracie (bless her soul). We're having chicken for dinner tonight! LOL!

tipper said...

Very funny. Gracie reminds me-of me! Thats probably what I would have said without even thinking about it. Oh the world of gambling-not for me I'm to cheap. But I have a friend who got in a real mess.

Tammy said...

I like that! Isn't it amazing how older people find simple pleasure in such things as a chicken dinner. As I was reading it I was hoping George would win. I pictured George Burns and Gracie Allen and the older couple, maybe it was just the names. Have a great weekend! :o)

LarryG said...

a guy's gotta eat...
yes and I voted :)

I am enjoying your sketches :)

Makes me think of after a funeral someone always ok... let's eat!

sarah, rsm said...

Donald Trump, George Burns, and Gracie Allen in that order! :)

If Gracie Allen is busy ~ Tipper is game! 8-D

Jed said...

I love it. i also thought of George Burns and Gracie....Mr Buck could definitely be John Goodman!

Mama Zen said...

This is cute!

i beati said...

I tried to play the ratings widget - would notaccept the answers and rating boo hoo hoo scenario I loved George and Gracie your music superb- I just got ragtime rings on my phone sandy

Wordcrafter said...

ha ha ha... that sounds a bit like the British "....oh dear.... shall I put the kettle on, have a cup of tea...":) Enjoy reading you, Petra.

bulletholes said...

OK- you have outsmarted me by putting Jack Elam in the mix and forcing me to vote a straight ticket.
And I also posted a short biographical on Jack Elam, which inks back to you.
You did, however, leave room for me to suggest that Polly "Eat My Grits" Hollday from Mels Diner be the one and only candidate for Waitress, thereby making me the one and only undisputed Champion of 'Who's role is it anyway"!

How does it feel?
Tommorrow, I take over the world!!!

Jay said...

Ah, you have the wonderful Brian Blessed in the mix!

And chicken dinners are always good, especially free range! ;)

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Anonymous said...

This was so cute. I thought of George Burns,Gracie Allen and John Goodman too. After getting my computer in order these past couple weeks I put my blog up today!

Jules said...

You know...... I think that chicken soup is the cure for all sickness. So I wonder if the chicken dinner will work?